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Wrestlemania came to Los Angeles in 2005, and I had the opportunity to attend many events. If you've ever been to 'Mania before you know how thrilling it can be. Even just walking through the "Road to Wrestlemania" exhibit at a local mall was a blast. I went to the Hall of Fame ceremony, and that was cool because Piper was inducted, and he was one of my original favorites. I saw Jericho in the crowd, and even from far away that was pretty cool.

April 2, 2005 -- Autograph Signing at Toys R Us in Culver City

Here are some screen caps of my meeting with Jericho, taken by Danyel of Batistaweb. I was jittery, but Jericho was calm. I asked him if I got to shake his hand, and as he took my action figure from me and signed it he said in a serious voice, "Well, that depends." Then he looked up at me with a smile and went on, "Only if you have a hand I can shake." So I shook his hand, and then it was over. I'll never forget the experience though.

More pictures from that day. First is a picture I snapped while I was waiting in line. After we came out of the store we decided to wait to watch him leave. One of the Toys R Us officials saw us sitting on the curb out of the way, and came over to us. He offered to get us inside to meet Jericho because he thought we were turned away when the line was cut off. We told him we'd already been inside, but I thought it was really nice that he offered. When Jericho came out he signed for a few more people who hadn't made it inside, which was really awesome. Then he got into his limo and took off. The last picture is my autograph.

April 3, 2005 -- Wrestlemania in Los Angeles

Jericho's match was the "Money in the Bank" match with Jericho, Christian, Chris Benoit, Shelton Benjamin, Kane, and Edge. It was a great match, and of course I wanted Jericho to win, but Edge was the winner. Here are a few of my pictures.

April 4, 2005 -- Raw in Los Angeles

The next night Raw was at the Staples Center. This time Jericho had a match with Shelton Benjamin and Christian. It was an IC title match, and Benjamin retained the title. Here are a few of my pictures.

All in all I've seen Jericho live six times. You can check out my letter to him to see some of the other pictures I've taken. Chris Jericho will always be my favorite wrestler.



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