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Once Chris Jericho retired from wrestling, he began to appear with the Groundlings Theatre troupe. It all started back in April 2006. Jericho announced he would be appearing with the legendary Groundlings on April 6. Fortunately we managed to get tickets. Traffic in Los Angeles is a legendary pain in the ass, but some things make it worth fighting, like seeing Jericho live for instance.

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Below are my reviews.

March 15, 2007

I had a field trip today, and it was a great trip. I took my students to Griffith Park and it was such a wonderful experience watching them learn about cultural diversity and then putting into practice with students from other schools. I was feeling very warm and fuzzy by the end of the day.

After I came home Danyel came and picked me up around six...we headed up to Hollywood for the Groundlings.

Before you ask, yes we knew before we got there that Jericho had cancelled last minute, but we decided to go anyway. Well, the good-vibes of the day hung with me and we got there at 7:15 (it only took around an hour to drive there and it's taken 2 hours and more in the past) we had plenty of time to go have cream cheese wontons and some actual real food.

While we were there we snapped a picture with my phone...and then even though she was skeptical (and had a rather good laugh watching me concentrate) I managed to email the picture to both her and me! I kick ass! Unfortunately...I didn't do such a good job actually snapping the pic as it's blurry~! but again we had fun cracking each other up.

We didn't get our normal seats, we got stuck in the 3rd row and at the end next to the wall so we literally had to climb over 8 people to get to our seats. It wouldn't have been so bad except that this one woman TWICE shifted her feet so that I stepped right on her, and the 2nd time I nearly fell! And I profusely apologized both times and both times she said "No, it was my fault" ....WTF?

So anyway....the bonus, since there was no shiny golden Christopher... was that we saw Mike McDonald!

The rest of the cast was Mindy Sterling, Jeremy Rowley, Phil Lamarr (who MELTED me dead, but more on that later), Mitch Silpa (to me he looked like Vin Diesel Jr), Beth Crosby, and Cathy Shambley. I didn't take notes during the proceedings this time, but I jotted some down at intermission, so these are not really in order.

--A Chorus Line musical number with the 3 women singing about their lifelong dream of becoming a fencing master.

--Jeremy and Mike coming back after spending time in prison together. Ok, this one was pretty funny. Jeremy kept saying "thank you for taking care of me" etc...then Mike sprawls down in the chair, legs spread wide open and says "It's ok Peanut, have a seat right here..." Guffaw. It was silly/funny.

--Jeremy and Mitch worked at the YMCA and it was a "justify the sound effect" sketch...they were funny (and lots of sexual innuendo here as you can imagine).

--The Shakespeare play...and this is where I kicked myself later for not remembering it was the Ides of March. I had known it earlier in the day, but I forgot it while we were sitting there or I'd have yelled it out (although it was a rauccous crowd and I doubt she would have heard me). It was called "The Whore by the Bank"...and it was so odd that after a while I think people were looking on with horrified looks...or confusion or something. It was Jeremy and Phil, and Jeremy was the whore, sprawled on the floor fanning her nether regions (which I guess were smelly...that was kind of the jist I got from the dialogue) and Phil was the king...but then I didn't get if Jeremy was actually a man or what. However, Jeremy is the master of these Shakespeare scenes, and Phil was super funny.

--The job interview was Phil and was really good! Mitch was interviewing to work with Phil on a particle accelerator. They just had a lot of visual humor in this one (plus young Vin Diesel was hawt. At least I thought so).

--"New Choice" was one of the girls (not Mindy) and Mitch working at Pinkberry (I've never head of it but it's supposedly an ice cream store?)...the only thing funny here was Mitch saying he was putting on a cock ring and the "fuck chair"

--Mike and Mindy on a date in a pet store in Fairbanks, Alaska, and they were breaking up. Mindy was really good in this one.

--Mindy, Mike, and one of the girls on a family drive to Chernobyl.

--The 2 girls cramming for a test in government.

--Mike, Phil, and Jeremy playing "old coots"...Phil was over the top in this one, so funny. They were sitting at a bus station. Mike and Jeremy were just going along with Phil, making faces behind his back.

--Phil and Mike in a sketch where they met up after 10 years and Phil (playing Barrak Obama) had scalped a fake ticket to a concert to Mike and now Mike was a janitor.

--"Dark and Delerious on Elm Street", I didn't get this had Mindy and one of the girls, and they had to work the "sponsor" IHOP into it.

--Jeremy and one of the girls preparing to go on a trip to Tennessee...and then their son comes in...and they proceed to rip him apart..and I'm sorry it just wasn't funny. I didn't really laugh through the whole thing. I'm too sensitive to that kind of thing (verbal abuse parent to child)...and especially after my killer fieldtrip in the morning.

--On the heels of that was Mitch and Mindy preparing new hires for a job at Chuck E Cheese...and again I didn't find it funny. Blergh.

--The last one (I'm pretty sure I got all of them) was Phil and Jeremy doing a "rap"...oh my god I laughed so hard I nearly peed my pants. They're outstanding on this kind of thing! Spot on! The rap was comparing their lady love to an eighteen-wheeler. Oh man....Jeremy kept shouting "What?" into the microphone. I swear, I have no idea how they think on their feet so fast.

Then intermission during which I stepped on the woman's feet again because none of them got up...and I needed to get out!

The playlet was based on Gray's Anatomy which I don't watch so I didn't get most of it. It took place in Chester-something New Jersey (made up place) in a funeral home. It was only moderately funny so I won't describe it.

Afterwards, we stayed around in the lobby. Spoke to Jen in passing...she got her picture with Mike McDonald. We were going to leave, but then Danyel wanted to see if Phil Lamarr would take a picture with her. Ok...I think Phil Lamarr is really I was all down for it. He was talking to this large-ish group of people telling them some story that was apparently true and how he worked it into the playlet (and I think Danyel knew about it but we got carried away gushing over him in the car and she never told me). Finally he's free, and he agrees to take the picture...AND I GET TO BE IN IT! *bounce* We posed, and Jen couldn't figure the camera out so Danyel had to show her how to use it...and during that whole time...I stood there with my arm around Phil Lamarr, and his arm around me. *dead*

Finally we got the picture.....

After that we found Karen Maruyama (the director who usually shoos out out while we're waiting for/talking to Chris). We made a point to let her see us and tell her that we came even though Chris wasn't there. She was suitably impressed.

Lasting impression? The front row really is the best seat, and it's not as much fun without Mr. Jericho.

February 22, 2007

Cooking with Gas, is always on Thursdays. I fretted when we found out about tonight's show (I guess it was over a month ago when they announced it) because Danyel has class on Thursdays. I pictured myself driving there by myself and all...but fortunately she was agreeable to skipping class just for tonight. But rained this afternoon. Yeesh! I know I've mentioned before about the traffic...rain compounds it. If I had been going to make the trip by myself I'd have just called it off. We braved it anyway though, and actually the traffic wasn't *quite* as bad as it usually is.

But...we got there just in the nick of time, and it was sold out! I was stoked for Chris that it sold out!

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I don't know how, but Danyel and I have some kind of amazing karma between us....we still scored our front row seats...the ones that *I* like the best. I still don't know how that happened, what with the fact that the theater was already half full by the time we got there!

Anyway, this time I took notes during the show....which is not going to guarantee that I'll remember things any better...but we'll see. It was an EXCELLENT show! Everyone was totally ON...Chris was just SO GOOD tonight! Amazingly wonderfully GREAT!!!!!!

Karen Maruyama was the director, and she introduced the cast...Jeremy Rowley, Mindy Sterling, Patrick Bristow, Amir Talai (part of the Sunday Groundling's show), Margee Magee (first time seeing her, not sure what she's known for), and Chris Jericho (WWE undisputed champ...only this time he's not carrying the belt and he's wearing clothes...that's how Karen introduced him.

The first skit was a "Chorus Line" type musical...the audience provided the idea that the 3 people were singing about getting a job as a milk taster. Amir was up first, then Chris...and Chris said he was a milkaholic and because of that he had a hard time scoring with the ladies ;)...and then Patrick.

The next one was Jeremy and Mindy after a date. Their date had been scuba diving, and apparently when Mindy rented the scuba gear she forgot to rent him a he swam with the fishes while she read a magazine. She offered to make him tea and he said he said he didn't want anything liquid. Turned out she was just trying to get rid of him.

The next one was Chris and Margee on a date to celebrate their 5 year anniversary of dating...and they were at space camp. Chris's name was David. Again. *dead* There was a lot of really funny sexual innuendo in this one, but unfortunately I can't remember most of it. He did say they were going to join the 20 mile high club...and something about rockets exploding.

They always do a Shakespeare inspired play, and this time it was Patrick and Jeremy. These two are really magic together. Afterwards we had a chance to talk to Patrick and Danyel told him how great she thinks they are together, he said it's because they trust each other, and thanked her for noticing. Patrick Bristow is just awesome. This play was called "The Wood Nymph's Knife" and Jeremy (the nymph) had stabbed Patrick's lady.

Next was Mindy, Margee, and Amir on a road trip. They were going from South Dakotah to North Dakotah to go to the Antique's Road show.

Then there was Patrick and Chris....Patrick had reached into another dimension 5 years before and pulled out Chris...his doppleganger. They separated and now were back together. Chris is growing a beard. And Patrick has a beard. It was really funny...Patrick saying he looks like Howdy Doody (and he does!) and how Chris is all buff and muscular and stuff. This one was really good! OH! and they were at WalMart...and Patrick said "I thought you went to San Pedro" (note: natives of San Pedro call it "Peeedro") and Chris said, "No, I stayed here in El Cerrito"...and I giggled because the name of the street where my brother in law El Cerrito.

Then there was a "new choice" skit. Mindy and Margee were working at a laser-tag arena. The deal is that every time Karen yells "new choice" they have to change their lines.

Next was a thing where 3 of them are putting on a play, and the other 3 watch so that when the play is done they can perform it as the understudies. Basically the understudies watch for things they can really mock and mimic...and they always get on Chris for being so muscular. The play was called "Where the Tea Grows" and Chris and Margee were looking for the tea seed. If they found it then hopefully she could get pregnant. Chris put a lot of heart-felt emotion into this one. Then Amir came out, he was the sheriff. He said he didn't understand what Chris had that he doesn't. Again, visual humor as Amir is about 5'5" and skinny. ;) When the understudies came up, Jeremy played Chris's part and I lauged so hard I cried. His mocking portrayal of Chris...arms sticking out because they're too muscled to hold next to his body, talking like a goof. was hysterical.

Next was a skit with Margee, Amir, and Jeremy engaging in teen-angst over the fact they had to wear uniforms.

Next was Mindy and Patrick cramming for an exam on forestry. Mindy was sooo funny "hyped-up" on caffiene.

Next was one were Karen picked a real play out of a book...she chose one called Scapino. Amir got to read the real lines of the play and Jeremy had to improvise. The premise given by the audience was Jeremy was Amir's butler. This was funny, the way they delivered the lines.

The last one before intermission was soooo funny. Karen picked someone out of the audience (unfortunately it wasn't me :( ) and the girl had to take Chris out in the lobby and "keep him occupied"...while they were gone the audience had to pick a crime that Chris had committed, and then when he came back he had to guess what it was based on hints the police officers (Patrick and Jeremy) gave him. OMG. First of all, when it was time for them to come back in, Karen goes to the door to get them and says "Where did they go?" So the girl comes back in (and I was sitting next to the door so I hear them through the wall, Chris really chatted her up!) and then Chris comes in and had a huge smile on his face. The crime was that he'd kidnapped Mr T's chihuahua. The clues were ...the police officers were eating Taco Bell, Jeremy said " A", they told him he had a group of people with him, like athletes but not...Chris guessed "A-Team"...then Patrick said Chris had funny hair implants, he kept touching his hair and making a mohawk in it. When they asked Chris what he wanted to drink he said "Tea"...Then they said "Ay!" a few times, so Chris thought the Mr T and the A-Team had gone to Scotland. LOL! Finally they told him he had to run for the border, and he had "7, 8, 9...'k 9!" charges against he correctly identified that he had kidnapped Mr T's dog. They had to supply the "chihuahua" part afterwards. It killed me because I say that all the time! "Ay! Chihuahua!" My kids get after me about it. I said "He's not going to get this"....I'd totally forgotten about the Taco Bell chihuahua.

Then it was intermission...and we so ran down to Melrose Sushi and had cream cheese wantons! YUM!!! And then we got fortune cookies. So between Sully (read part of "The Paths We Choose" before I went up there and Sully said to never let anyone see your fear) and the fortune I was so set...

After intermission they improv a playlet. The premise was that a big corporation (WalMart) was trying to squeeze out the local fishermen in Anchorage. Jeremy and Patrick played the local fishermen (Jeremy said the sea made them "faggots"). Amir and Chris were the WalMart fishermen. Chris's name was "Scratch". Margee and Mindy were Inuit...wives of Patrick and Jeremy. In the end, Patrick and Jeremy tradet their wives to Chris and Amir and took of in the corporate boat to go ot Aruba. Chris said, "We are WalMart, we are GOD!" that made me laugh!

Afterwards, we hung out in the lobby in the hopes of having a word with Chris. I'm usually a babbling geek, but with Sully's advice I was ready to just be myself. I was determined to not babble like a loon this time.

He came out, made eye contact, smiled and said "Hey you guys!" He said he couldn't stick around to talk because he had to catch a red-eye. Said he was going "home" -melt-

I went outside to find Danyel, and Chris was down at the valet requesting his car. Danyel was talking to Patrick, so I went to talk to them. Pretty soon Chris walked back up, and stood right next to me. -thud- We wanted to shake his hand, but he had money in his hand (ones and a five) to tip the valet. He said "Here, have some money"....LOL! He talked to Patrick and us for a bit, then turned away to talk to the Groundlings band, and we stood there noticing it looks like there's a oxygen bar across the street. Then, we all walked down to the lot. His car came first (of course) and we all watched him drive away. Our car came last.

Man, Chris was just on fire tonight. Everything was right in the zone! He's made such incredible strides with his work, timing and stage presence and everything. He was just soooo good this time. He done good.

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January 4, 2007

I had a weird premontion about Groundlings tonight. In fact, I almost told Danyel I didn't want to go...but my fear is that Jericho will sign with TNA and I'll never ever see him in person again. so, we went anyway.

I nearly scored a funny line, but my timing was slightly off. It was "cold" in the theater again, so I left my coat on until the last moment. I was struggling out of it as Patrick Bristow (director for the night) was introducing the show, and he said "Oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean to spit on you." I had my back to him, so I didn't really realize he was talking to me, and I said to Jen "That's why I'm wearing a raincoat"...and then when I turned around I realized he was talking to me, but it was too late to say the line again.

As Bristow was introducing them, he turned back and shouted at the backstage area, "Chris....Chris Jericho! What was the name of that celebrity reality show you were on, the one about singing?" And Chris shouts, "Celebrity Duets, and I lost." So Bristow says, "Celebrity Duets loser and wrestler Chris Jericho!" then Chris pops out on stage. He had a new shirt! The rest of the cast was Mindy Sterling, Jeremy Rowley, Karen Maruyama, Mike Hitchcock, Gary Anthony Williams, and James Adomian.

They started out with a warmup exercise where a pair of them were given a line and they had to build on a scene until Bristow said "Freeze" and then took one out and added another and the new actor had to use the line that the previous actor had said. (As he said, it was confusing to explain but funny when you watched it).

The rest of these are not in order because I just jotted down notes at intermission as I remembered them.

There was one that was supposed to be a Steven Sondheim musical about modular furniture called Wheels. I can't remember exactly who was in this one, Mindy for sure and maybe Karen and James. They did a good job making a so-so prompt into a funny skit.

James, Jeremy, and Chris had were in a rest home that was being robbed. This saw a lot of James rolling around on the floor and then biting Chris on the arm, thus poisoning him.

There was one where Mike and Jeremy had to top one another. That means one had to say something, and the other had to one up him. They were cleaning up after a party...the closing line was really funny because one of them said he had a chip in his mouth that allowed thim to live blog, so he said "I suck, and I'm online."

Mindy was a Bosnian woman who ran a velcro factory, and she came to the US with her translator (Jeremy) to sell velcro to a shoe company (Chris). The premise was that she only spoke Bosnian, and Chris only spoke English.

The audience was a bit off (I thought) because a lot of the suggestions were just weird. They had one where Mindy played mother and James was her son, and she was supposed to be making him do something he didn't want to do. So the suggestions were "get a colonic"..."have a nose job"...and then Jen had a great suggestion "join the Marines". Well, the nose job won, but kudos to the actors for working the other two suggestions in as well.

I thought one of the funniest skits was Gary (who is just super funny) on a romantic date with Karen at a hot dog stand (the Groundlings Theater is near Pinks, btw) and Jeremy was given the direction to just be in the skit, he got to make up his own part. Gary was priceless with his persona (I can't even describe it, it was just his manner of speaking that was so funny) and he had the funniest sexual innuendo with hot dog condiments and stuff. Gary and Karen were stuck in a long line, and Jeremy worked at the shop and was offering to give them cuts, but Gary had to keep asking Karen if she wanted to or not. I swear there was one part where Gary said something about how she was the hot dog juice to his...something (I was giggling so hard by that point I missed it)...and I felt like no one else was laughing except me...and Chris.

Then Danyel scored! She suggested "The Merry Men of El Segundo" as the name of a Shakespeare play. That one was Gary (who just rocks with the Shakespeare lines) and Jeremy. I think it was mostly funny to people who are from California.

The most interesting one was Chris, James, Gary, and Jeremy sitting and talking about Tweedle Dee and how he represents nihilism. Chris had the sage observation that Tweedle Dee created Tweedle Dum as a receptacle for all his thoughts on nihilism. I loved that concept!

There was one where we had to pick random numbers from 1 to 99, and those represent sound effects on a disc that the guy in the booth has. The scene was Mindy and Karen working in a Thai massage parlor in Avalon (on Catalina Island). The sound effects were so loud!

Karen wanted to convince her landlord (Mike) to let her keep a pet iguana. Again, lots of sexual innuendo that kept the 12 year old boy in my head giggling.

There was a scene that the premise was we had to give adjectives to describe music (an obvious Fozzy fan in the back row said "HUGE" but they discared that suggestion, I got it though!) and then Mindy, Karen, and James were in a hostage situation...that turned out to be at a law firm on the Golden Gate Bridge and they had to justify the changes in music.

There was one with Gary, Mike, and Jeremy. They were watching a play, and when Patrick said switch they had to perform the play. It took place at the Yarn Barn, and the play was about the death of lint on a jacket. This was sot of funny, but the play was about Project Runway (and I've never watched it so I didn't 'get' it). It was amusing how they tied the two parts together though, Jeremy was the usher while Gary and Mike were watching the play.

The last scene before the intermission was duets auditioning for a spot singing on a cruise ship. Mindy and Gary had to sing a song about going to space in "swing" style. And then Chris and Mike had to sing a song about taxidermy as an opera. (did I mention that the crowd was "off"?) Chris was super in this one...he danced and sang...and was really amusing.

After intermission they did the play. Again, the actors pulled of something really funny from strange suggestions. It took place in a house in New Jersey that was infested with black mold. Mike played the mold (and he was just fantastic!), Mindy played the maid, James played the pool boy, Karen played a kindergarden teacher, Gary played a Republican senator from Nebraska, Chris played an aerobics instructor, and Jeremy played a mysterious character that was suppposed to be a house inspector. At one point, Jeremy came out on stage and "killed" Chris...but Chris came back to life!

So, that was the show. Afterwards, we hung out in the lobby. We didn't get to talk to Mindy this time because she had family there. We talked to Jen...and then Chris came out. He had on a leather jacket. He apparently got a new shirt for Christmas because I've never seen this shirt before. So, he came up behind us, and Jen and I had our backs turned to him. He says, "Hey you guys"....

He asked us how our Christmas was...I start rambling...after Jen asks him how it was with the kids, and he says "My son is 3".....I'm such a geek when I talk to him that I start babbling and I say, "Well hold on to that...because my son is 18"....and followed by that was an incoherent ramble about how kids grow up fast during which he may or may not have raised his brows at me saying I have an 18 year old, but he did say "He'll want to hang out on his own" and I did tell him about my son's bunny rabbit.

So, he ambles away from us to talk on his phone, and I think he was watching us with our little cell phone party (trying to exchange cell numbers with Jen and me giving up because my cell phone is like an alien device that I just don't communicate with) I swear he was watching us. He was outside on his phone.

Then, we left. We walked past him, RIGHT past him like almost touching and he says "Bye you guys"....

All in all it was a great time.

November 30, 2006

Are you from Ireland?

Tonight was Groundlings again....

We got a bit twisted around getting there because both of us were kind of out of it for some reason. Like, not all there or something. It was ok, because we really weren't ever "lost" we just took a detour through the heart of downtown LA. We got there in plenty of time though...just not enough time for cream cheese wanotons this time. :'(

We saw Jen, and we all sat together. Our friend the door man said, "You guys made it on time this time." We have a reptutation.

The cast this time was Chris....and Jeremy Rowley, Mikey Day, some girl and I already forgot her name but she was awesome, Mindy Sterling, Patrick Bristow, and Phil Lamarr. I took notes so I could remember the skits...Danyel and Jen and I brainstormed at intermission...but I'll just write about the ones Chris was in.

First he was frying a turkey with his brother. That was funny...but I don't remember much about it except that they had funny accents.

He was applying for a job as a person who paints lines on the street. He did that one with Phil, and it was really funny. His experience was that he was a forklift painter. He said he'd have a problem cutting the lines up, he was used to painting unbroken lines when he paints forklifts.

For me the funniest skit of the night was that he was trying to pick up the cute girl (I think her name is...something with an "sch")...and the audience gave him the pick up line. It was, and I'm not kidding, "Are you from Ireland? Because my penis is Dublin."....and he exaggerated the word penis to the point where I died laughing. He also said "I'm new in town, can you give me directions to your place?" and "You know what would look good on you? Me." He was so smarmy and perfect. Besides, every time he mimics drinking I get to see his tongue. *dead*

He worked for PETA with Patrick. That one was one of those ones where the director constantly askes them to change their lines, and it didn't really work that well. Although Chris said some funny things about what he was going to do with the animals.

There was another one where Phil, Mikey, and Chris were trying to close the gates of hell. It was great because Phil Lamarr is awesome, and Chris was funny too. And he said "fuck".

There was another one that Chris wasn't in where Mindy and....maybe it was Phil? Yeah, I think Phil...were wharf workers....stevedores. The word cracked me up, so I was laughing, and the Jeremy who was right on the floor in front of me says "Long Beach" I pumped my fist in the air...and Chris saw me and he laughed.

They closed out with an improv play, like they always do. It was funny "Flighty McDaniel" which was loosely based on Charles Dickens with boys in an orphanage. Chris got to play a "captian" but he got confused and said he was an "admiral" was pretty funny. Chris said he was a walking thesaurus after he used the word "lugubrious"...that was funny too. Mikey Day was hysterical in this one playing Pip.

Afterwards we hung around for a bit. I was freezing. It's not "cold" here per-se...but I'm a wimpy Californian, and they had the a/c on in the theater...and I was really cold.

I forgot to mention, Chris has cut his hair, like majorly short. Like in a standard haircut. It's spiky on the top, but it's too short in the back. He came out afterwards, but he didn't seem inclined to talk really. He had a few words for Jen, and a "Hi you guys" for us...but he was busy talking to other people he apparently knew. So, Danyel and I talked to the director Karen, and we told Mikey we liked the show, he was touched.

Then we flagged Mindy Sterling down. She is so cool. We told her the story about being at the wrestling show with her, and we told her we chanted her name. was like heartwarming or something to see how totally jazzed she was. We told her about our freakout moment on screen looking for her and finding her and ditzing out like starstruck teenagers, and she was touched. She says she has it on tape, and she wants to look for it. She also said how much fun it was to be there live, and how she'd never been to a show before. She also said her son would love to have me for a teacher. *melt*

Then, Chris came back in. Jen was talking to him while he was looking at his cellphone checking messages and stuff. We meandered back over, and we said "We heard you missed us last time." and he said he did. *__* So we talked about how we were cold, and how we're not Canadian, and he just smiled at us.

As he turned to walk away, I worked up my courage and reached out to touch his arm....and I said "I'm really sorry about that XM thing." I think I shocked him because that news just broke today. So, he tried to slough it off like it was no big deal...but I said I listened to the show, and I liked it..and then he opened up and started talking. He said he saw the handwriting on the wall, and that a new program director came in....and didn't like the show. I told him I'd write to those people (he posted their email addys).

After that we got more of a genuine goodnight, see you next time kind of vibe from him.

I also got 2 good fortunes when we jetted down to the place for cookies at intermission. One was about writing, and the other was about friends.

September 21, 2006

So we went to see the Groundlings again tonight. This time we managed to leave early enough that we got there 45 minutes before the show started...plenty of time to head down the street for Chinese food. Cream cheese Danyel said anything with cream cheese has got to be good. It was.

Click thumbnail to enlarge.

I don't think I'll ever get over sitting there, with Chris Jericho sprawled at my feet. Never. He's such a beautiful, beautiful man. I can't remember all the skits unfortunately. There were things that were funny as hell, imagine Jericho mimicking that he's spreading LUBE all over his body.

Added bonus was that the show (I almost said "card") also included Wendi McLendon-Covey (from Reno 911). I marked to see her, she's from Long Beach originally. Also Gary Anthony Williams (he was actually there last Friday too...but it took me this long to nail down who he is) from Malcolm in the Middle (he plays Stevie's dad)...the guy is fucking funny man. Plus, he was nice to me, felt bad for me because I'm "shy" so he took a picture with me. *ditz*

After the show was over we loitered around the lobby. When Chris came out, he went straight to Y2Jen and her friends. Then, when he was done with all that he came over to us and said "Hey you guys!" SO HE REMEMBERED US! He couldn't stick around for long though, but he did agree to pose for the picture with me. Afterwards, we gave him a rose, and he said, "It's about time someone gave me some flowers!" If you ever have the chance to go see The Groundlings, you should. It's a lot of fun.

September 15, 2006


Ah, now that line is forever imprinted upon my memory!!!!!!

Groundlings tonight....complete with allstar cast. Laraine Newman, Phil Lamarr, Patrick Bristow as well as the regular complement (Jeremy Rowley, Mindy Sterling)

Los Angeles traffic is a bitch and a half, especially when there's a Dodger game, so we arrive a full half hour after they closed the doors :'( I was sent up to get the tickets first, and I was told "Sorry sweetie, there's no late seating." Fortunately Danyel has "the rub" and she hooked us up with her doorman friend, he escorted us up the back way, past the lockers (I didn't see Jericho's because I didn't realize they were lockers until we were past them and starting up the stairs.)

So, the show was freakin' awesome, as I expected it would be. I think the part that was the coolest about the show was watching Chris lap it all up. He's so beautiful. And he was leaned up on the foot of the stage just enthralled with the whole thing. He was the picture of an actor "learning" (IMO). I know I can't remember all the skits, and I'm punchy as hell at the moment...but the ones that stood out are:

"4:20"...The lights come up with Jericho sprawled out in a chair...obviously stoned. His neurotic roomate (Bristow) is freaked out because he needs to call customer service at a drug company because he's od'd on a bunch of anti-depressants. Jericho offers to calm him down by rolling him a joint...complete with exaggerated tongue action and all. Turns out, Patrick didn't take Prozac, he got into Jericho's stash of Tic Tacs.

There was one where Jericho was in a "Boy Band" and he was the "blind" one because he didn't make eye contact with any of them.

There was on where they were on a spaceship (I can't remember the name) and he played the first mate "Squeaky"...

There was on where he was working at a butter churning place, and he had a "crush" on his male co-worker, and when the boss came in he said they weren't "hard" at work, so Jericho said he "was hard at work" or something like that...that's when the boss said he had to assume the positon...turns out that meant down on the floor, legs spread WIDE OPEN (thus literally killing me so dead I had to remove my glasses).

Maybe I'll remember more of the skits later...but the best part was after.

At intermission we hooked up with "Y2Jen" from the Fozzy board . She said we'd hook up again after the show and get our picture with Jericho.

After the show it was surreal...standing around in the lobby with Laraine Newman waking past...and Phil Lamarr. Dude, I flipped quietly in my head. Like totally.

And then Jericho came out...good God almighty he's so beautiful. He's growing his hair longer. He had what looked like 2 tiny hospital bracelets on his wrist (one for each twin).

They made us all move outside, so here we are in Hollywood on Melrose, watching Chris Jericho talk to other actors for like a half an hour. During which he was so natural and cool (and he exposed his lower back to me thus rendering me into a puddle of goo).

Well, finally it was our turn. We talked to him, I shook his hand and held his hand in both of mine (*geek*)...I told him my name, I let Danyel tell him her story and he totally listened to everything she said, and even gave her advice. And then he said "What were your names again?" if he intended to make a point of remembering them. Danyel insists that he remembers us from Toys R Us during Wrestlemania.

After that she was ready to leave, but damnit Y2Jen said we'd get a picture. So, I insisted we hang around. Eventually we got the picture. Part of me thinks we should have cut and run because I was a total geek. I'm standing there and he's telling people about his TMZ McDonald's video, and I tap his arm and say "OH! I saw that!".....GEEK...everybody and their brother saw it you moron!

All in all, it was a great time. I love Chris Jericho more than I ever did before.

April 6, 2006

We went to see Chris Jericho at the Groundlings Theatre last night....WHAT A BLAST!

We got up there, got our tickets, and stood around waiting for them to let us into the theatre. There were a few guys in Y2J shirts, and we wondered if there would be a bigger turnout because of Jericho. We forgot to ask though.

Finally, they opened the doors and I figured we'd be stuck in the back row. The place isn't that big, and all the seats seemed good, but you know...I wanted to be close.

Well, as we walked in, the whole front row moved up a we got front row seats!


When the actors came out they clustered, on the floor, right in front of us! Like close enough to touch!

So anyway, I've never been to anything like that before. It's a little like "Who's Line Is It Anyway"...but it was better because a) we were there live and b) Chris Jericho!

There was a director and the regular cast of 3 men and 3 women and Chris. The director took suggestions from the audience...but of course I couldn't come up with any.

I know I won't remember all the skits he was in, but I'll try to remember most of them. I know the first one was "a romantic date at Costco"...the girl he performed with was great. It was a good skit. He was in another one called "the day the lettuce went bad"...and that one was so funny because he used the word "appropos" and they razzed him about it. While they did this skit some of the other actors were watching being the understudys...and then they performed the same skit. The guy portraying Chris kept sweeping his hair around (like Chris does) was so funny!

There was a skit where Chris was applying for a job as a "shampoo description writer"...and he "wrote" a description that made shampoo with battery acid in it sound divine.

In another one he and 2 of the male actors portrayed brothers building a doll house. I know I'm forgetting one....argh. I should have taken notes. Another one I just remembered was Chris being a character like the Incredible Hulk. He was a pharmacist that turned into a robin when tickled. That one saw him writhing on the floor, which kind of killed me.

The funniest one (for me anyway) was when they had to do a "Shakespeare" play called "What Hath Done?"....holy crap I nearly split a gasket watching that one. Chris was ...I don't know like the king or something, and he'd set this old man to watch the sacred carrot. The old guy ate half of the carrot, so Chris says now there was rampant "raping of young boys"....and he went on to tell the old man that in his youth *he* had been raped and his tender bottom turned into hamburger. Ok, I lost it then....they just kept adding to it..."there will be many bloddy bottoms in town this day"....Christ. It was hysterical.

After the intermission they were going to put on a longer skit with the whole cast. This one was Chris's chance to shine man...he was really good. It was supposed to be a soap opera show kind of like the OC or Desperate Housewives. So the title given was "Tulsa, Oklahoma". The dude sitting next to me (who was nice enough to give me a cough drop when I laughed so hard I coughed up a lung) and I tried to shout "Riverside"...but they picked Tulsa.

So, the story took place around a John Deere dealership. The story was really convoluted and complicated. Twin brothers ran the dealership. One of them was married to a 78 year old woman, and she couldn't tell them apart. Their son was Chris, and he had a "wild" girlfriend. There as also a sheriff and a one of the twins had a daughter he didn't know about. There was much trying to kill each other off...and dried fruit. Dried Cherries and Apricot Jerky to be precise. Chris portrayed a really funny accent which reminded me of him talking about the people in Tennessee and their "foriegn language"....

During this part, since it was a longer "play" there were times when he was off-stage. Once, I kid you not he was kneeling on the floor directly in front of us. I could have leaned over and touched him. I swear....he's so beautiful. Seriously. Seeing him up close like that, observing him that

I think the best part about it was that this wasn't The Highlight of the Night or Y2J or The Ayatollah of Rock 'n was just Chris. Chris doing something he's just learning, isn't really good at. Chris being the completely humble part of something that he was clearly excited about and into. Chris was the low man on the totem pole...and he totally dug it.

I'm so glad we had the chance to do that, and we both said we'd go again sometime even if he wasn't going to be there because all the skits were really funny. The "70's female prison movie" one was just soooo good. Oh, and the guys at the gas station with the random sound effects was funny too.

OH wait! I remember another one Chris was in. All the guys were portraying a "60's band" the Letterman, you know the kind with the vocal harmonies. Their song was "Save a penny, pick it up"....and they all sang. Chris warbled and one line he said is "save a hundred you have a buck, save forty dollars and you can get a fuck"....HEE! Forty dollars only! I so checked my wallet!

I didn't have any money though.



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